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MacGuard Security Advisors Wins ESX Innovation Award for Dealer Services, Customer Experience

With its exclusive Likelihood to Stay Score™ that helps identify pre-attrition.

MacGuard team
The MacGuard team receives the 2023 ESX Innovation Award for Customer Experience, Dealer Services

MacGuard Security Advisors is the recent winner of the 2023 ESX Innovation Award for Dealer Services, Customer Experience. ESX’s Innovation Awards distinguish innovation and excellence in the industry, identifying next-gen products and services that will offer significant growth opportunities for integrator companies.  MacGuard’s winning Likelihood to Stay Score™ (LTS Score™) metric, uncovered during a MacGuard Customer Satisfaction Survey, helps security professionals become more proactive in preventing attrition before it occurs. It also provides a roadmap for targeted improvements to keep customers and attract new ones, and delivers insight into a client’s engaged customer base that includes purchasing behavior and missed opportunities.

“While most electronic security dealers perform transactional surveys to gauge customer approval at the point of sale or after a service call, MacGuard finds a significant percentage are not conducting customer satisfaction surveys on a routine basis. And while many know their attrition rates, they do not know their company’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), the gold standard of measuring customer loyalty, or their client’s probability of remaining a customer,” said Kirk MacDowell, President & CEO, MacGuard Security Advisors.

Unlike current attrition scores that are calculated after the customer is lost, MacGuard’s unique LTS Score™ uses proprietary data points from a customer satisfaction survey in tandem with their customers’ specific areas of content or dissatisfaction to address “pre-attrition” before those identified at risk discontinue service.

MacDowell elaborated, “If we can identify the specific root cause of dissatisfaction and work with our clients to turn that around, then we increase the LTS Score™ and reduce churn long before it happens.”

Not all LTS Score™ reasons are negative and MacGuard’s data uncovers why. For instance, strong attributes revealed during the survey can be used to reinforce positive efforts in sales and marketing strategies that may attract new customers.

Deb Moretti, a 25-year security veteran, leads customer survey efforts at MacGuard. Former Director of Customer Experience at Guardian Protection, she was involved with the formation, development, and daily management of the Customer Experience function at this successful integrator. Now, she lends her diverse experience to MacGuard clients.

“Today, there are several national standards for calculating Customer Experience including the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) metrics, but nothing specific to the Electronic Security Industry,” Moretti shared. “MacGuard’s long-term goal is for the LTS Score™ to become an industry standard, as widely used as today’s attrition metric. Combined with both the NPS and CSAT metrics, we believe this will provide our clients a 360° view of the customer’s overall experience.”

Client Steve Kaufer, President, Maximum Security, Palm Springs, Calif., shared his experience, “Although we had many options on who might be able to conduct this type of survey for us, we wanted someone within the industry to handle it who understood our business. If the MacGuard survey results and LTS Score™ can help reduce our annual churn by just 12 accounts, the survey will have paid for itself, and the benefit is that we get to keep those customers for additional years.”

MacGuard has retained an outside Ph.D. to validate its survey methodology and integrity of the results. For more information on MacGuard Customer Satisfaction Surveys and award winning LTS Score™, as well as a case study of Maximum Security’s customer satisfaction survey results, visit

Ready to learn more about how your company can implement a customer satisfaction survey? Fill out our contact form.

MacGuard Security Advisors Wins ESX Innovation Award Press Release
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